Wire Saw

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Use of Equipment

  • This machine is used for cutting marbles at a stony mountain or concrete and reinforcing steel structure.
  • It is mostly used for structure renovation and removal work.
  • Removal of a bridge and damaged structures for dam's renovation, subways, paper mills, hospitals, and schools, etc. without dong any harm to other structures or traffic

Major Device

  • Free running possible with rubber limitless orbit
  • Great power efficiency [140HP diesel engine/75kw electric motor Option available]
  • Basically built-in wireless remote control [lengthening of wire duration]

Major Features

  • Fixed out-trigger is installed in time of work
  • Idle pulley is not necessary in time of simple cutting work
  • Maximum towing length [for stony mountains: 18m/for removal: 6m]
  • Reduction of time of work preparations
  • Minimization of wire's wear & tear
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